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IOU Forbidden Fruit
Article about IOU aka IOS on Unix which is Cisco router/switch lightweight emulator.

The below topology will only work with the labs I have been re-writing currently (the ones marked 're-written' in the title).

The new revamped topology I plan to use for all labs looks like shown below.
Pic. 1 - LAN Wiring.
Pic. 2 - WAN Wiring.

Pic. 3 - The Layer 2 Topology Used for All Labs
(based on pic. 1 and pic. 2).

Pic. 4 - The Layer 3 Topology Used for All Labs
(based on pic. 1 and pic. 2).
Pic. 3 and Pic. 4 topology is the result of applying the following configuration in the topology presented in Pic.1 and Pic. 2

Pic.1/2 Configuration (link below)

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