Friday, August 10, 2012

Lab 178 - MPLS Common Services VPN

Prerequisites: CCNP level skills.

This lab layout is based on the new physical topology presented here. This lab assumes that you have successfully configured ALL previous MPLS labs.

As per recommendation ALL loopback addresses on P and PE routers will use /32 network mask! 
PE routers are: R1, R3, SW3.
P router is: R2
All other devices are CE routers in this MPLS topology.


Pic. 1 - MPLS Topology.

Task 1
In SW3 enable loopback1 interface with the address:

Task 2
Configure the following vrf in SW3 and assign loopback1 into it.

VRF name = VoIP
rd = 1:500
rt import and export = 1:500 
rt import = 1:501

Task 3
Ensure that two (and no other) subnets: (R6's Loopback2) and (SW2's loopback0) can reach VoIP gateway address. VoIP gateway expects to communicate with the prefixes advertised as route-target 1:501.