Monday, August 13, 2012

Lab 179 - MPLS Internet Access (via global table)

Prerequisites: CCNP level skills.

This lab layout is based on the new physical topology presented here. This lab assumes that you have successfully configured ALL previous MPLS labs.

As per recommendation ALL loopback addresses on P and PE routers will use /32 network mask! 
PE routers are: R1, R3, SW3.
P router is: R2
All other devices are CE routers in this MPLS topology.


Pic. 1 - MPLS Topology.

Task 1
Consider your BB1 as the router connected to the Internet. SW3 should have its VLAN 111 interface placed in the global routing table. The below subnets will simulate Internet prefixes.

Configure two loopback interfaces in BB1:

Task 2
Allow SW2's subnet access to the Internet prefixes (132.1.x.x). This access should be done via SW3's global routing table. You are allowed to use one static route in SW3 to accomplish this.