Monday, May 2, 2011

This Blog's FAQ


Here's the list of the answers to the questions you have already mailed me. Try to read this first, before you shoot me an email.

1. How can I send you an email?

You can find my email in the 'profile' section of this blog/journal. The address is:
linuxed.jr at g m a i l  dot  c o m.

2. Where did you get the router/switch/computer stencils?

Since, a lot of people ask me questions about my topology diagram, all icons (computer, router, switch) which might show here are designed and created for my by my long time friend Andrzej Szoblik. You can find below. There you can find his contact details and ask him questions regarding graphics. 

His web site address is:

3. What is the software that you use to create the topology diagrams?

I mainly use open source software. All graphics are done in INKSCAPE, an open source vector graphics program. It's not as fast as Corel, but does the job well.

4. What operating system/software do you use?

The software I use to create the posts are:
  • Operating System: Ubuntu 10.04
  • Inkscape - open source vector graphic soft in which I create all topology diagrams
  • Dynamips/Dynagen - router emulator
5. Do you use any CCIE materials to study/create posts?

I don't use any workbooks as of now. I'm in the phase of checking what I know and what I don't know based of my experience working with Cisco equipment. The list of the topics/commands I use has been published by Internetwork Experts at:

This content list allows me to create my own mini-lab challenges to see if I understand and put into practice a given technology/command. After I have checked these bullet points, I'm probably going to buy some full-scale labs and mock-labs from Internetwork Experts, since they seem to have a very good approach to teaching towards CCIE based on the testimonies listed on their web site.

6. Do you have a pdf file of your posts and can you send it to me?

Unfortunately, I do not have a backup of this blog (... I know, I know; it's lame ...). So, I cannot send you the posts as of now because I write them directly using the blog's interface. I honestly cannot bring myself to copying all these posts and making a pdf now. I prefer to spend this time typing away the commands in my dynamips simulator.